Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sukhoi SU-35S Multi-Role Fighter

SU-35S is advance variant of SU-30MKI. It's single-seat aircraft without canard fore-planes like SU-30MKI/MKM. It's design was lighter air frame, enlarge fan & engine inlets. SU-35S manufacture by KnaaPO aircraft production. It is design for air superiority & ground / surface attack for day / night mission.
New and lighter system was used including quadraple-digital FBW flight control system for superior aircraft maneuver.

SU-35S capable of carrying awesome weapon load (up to 8 tonnes) of guided and unguided air-air and air-ground weapon / missiles on 12 external hard points.

This aircraft powered by 2 x NPO Saturn / Ufa MPO 117S engines (improved AL-37FU) that produce 142 - 147 kN) with full 360 degree TVC. With extension of high-lift devices with large flaperon occupying the full trailing edge of the wing will improve aircraft maneuver.

SU-35S fixed with new N035 Irbis E PESA (Passive Electronically Scan Array) radar which is an improved variant of N011 M Bars use on SU-30MKI/MKM. Irbis E can detect & track up to 30 air targets and simultaneously engage up to 8 target. It also can detect, choose & tarck up to 4 ground targets up to 400km range. Rear-looking self-defense radar fixed in shorter tail sting.

For Electronic Warfare Defense System, L175 M Khibiny-M was fixed.

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