Sunday, April 21, 2013

SGPV (Second Generation Patrol Vessel) - LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) for Royal Malaysian Navy - Gowind Combat Corvettes


In October 2010, Boustead Holding Berhad received LOI for 6 SGPV (Second Generation Patrol Vessel). Competitors for new Royal Malaysian Navy SGPV is SIGMA ships from Damen firm (Dutch) & MEKO 100 OPV from TKMS Germany & Gowind LCS from DCNS France.

Gowind LCS from DCNS finally chose as the new SGPV/LCS for Royal Malaysian Navy. Gowind family of ships designed with some common system & design elements with design scales from in-shore patrol needs to heavy corvette / light frigate designs.
Gowind shaped design for stealth with single central mast which replaces several sensors masts to provide improved radar cross-section signature & 360-degree view for radars & other sensors.
Propulsion system was based on Combine Diesel & Diesel (CODAD) without exhaust chimney to emit infra-red plumes by channelling exhaust into the water jets system.
Water jets system create better maneauverability in shallow waters & continue to high-speed performance.

Royal Malaysian Navy Gowind design is Gowind Combat Corvettes / Light Frigates.

Royal Malaysia Navy Gowind design has become combat frigates / full frigate which grown to 3,000 tonne weights. Gowind LCS will be built entirely in Malaysia.
DCNS will act as design authority where the basic design work done in France.
It will be fit with TMX/EO Mk2 Fire control radars with compact topside X-band / Ku-band radar. Also expected to be fit is TMEO Mk2 long-range electro-optical surveillance system with scalable electro-optical sensor fit (including IR camera, TV camera & laser range-finder) and able to track steeply attacking target even in rough seas using 3rd axis approach to rotation.


Length - 111m
Breadth - 16m
Full load displacement - about 2,750 tones
Maximum speed - 28 knots
Crew - 106
Range - 5,000nm
Endurance - 21 days
Full helicopter hangar - Super Lynx 300 Naval Helicopter / EC AS350 / Fennec / EC 725

Key Sensors
  • SETIS Combat Management - Thales SMART-S Mk2 3D multi-beam radar
  • Rheinmetall TMEO Mk2 - TMX/EO radar / electro-optical tracking & fire control system
  • Thales Captas family for hull sonar & ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) suite with towed array sonar
Notes: SETIS Combat Management System consists of anti-surface, anti submarines warfare & can perform intelligence gathering, land attack & special operations.

Weapon Array

12 vertical launch cells, mounted behind the main gun is DCNS Sylver Cells family most likely.

  • BAE 57mm Mk3 Naval Gun with stealth cuppola
  • MBDA VL-MICA air defense missiles & their ACL container in Sylver cells
  • 8 of MBDA MM40 Exocet Block III anti-ship missiles mounted topside
  • 2 of MSI remotely operated 30mm guns on top of the heli hangar

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

AV-8 (8 x 8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles) - Malaysian Army


AV-8 is 8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles / Armoured Personnel Carrier that was choose for Malaysian Army. In 2011, a contract for 257 units of AV-8 was awarded to DRB-Hicom Deftech by the government of Malaysia. FNSS Savunma Sistemleri AS (Turkey) was the main contractor to assist Deftech in design, development & manufacture Deftech AV-8 for Malaysian Army.

FNSS Savunma Sistemleri AS is a joint venture between BAE System Inc. (UK) & Nurol Holding (Turkey).

AV-8 (8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles) Configuration

AV-8 & its 12 variant is Malaysia first indigenous family of 8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles after the transfer of advanced defence technologies and pattern to Deftech. Deftech will own it first Intelectual Property (IP) rights on AV-8 systems & sub-systems.

12 variants of AV-8 was planned on based vehicles like armoured personnel carrier, anti-tank weapon carrier, command & control and anti-aircraft weapon vehicles for the period of 7 years.

AV-8 will be equipped with 2-manned turret developed & produced by Denel South Africa. Sapura Thales electronics Sdn Bhd was responsible for electronics system integrator.

AV-8 was based on PARS 8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles of Turkey Variants.

PARS 8x8 Wheeled Armoured Combat Vehicles, Turkey Variant

PARS 8x8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicles is a new generation amphibious armoured combat vehicle. PARS 8x8 was designed & manufactured by FNSS Savunma Sistemleri (FNSS) of Turkey for Turkish Armed Forces & international markets.

PARS 8x8 designed was emphasis on area of mobility, protection, payload & growth potential. It also employ latest design & technology from commercial auto industries to suit with military operational requirements for performance & durability.
PARS design was based on design made by Michigan based General Purpose Vehicle Company.


PARS Armoured Wheeled Vehicle was based on system of 6x6, 8x8 & 10x10 vehicles with significant commonality sub-system for each vehicles to reduce logistic & lifecycle costs.
There is 2 different configuration of PARS, PARS 6x6 & PARS 8x8. PARS AWV was easily transported using Hercules C-130 Hercules (PARS 6x6), A400M, C-17 Globemater III & C5 Galaxy.

PARS AWV accomodate 2 crew members (driver & commander) seated in front section of cockpit which control the vehicle and 8 to 11 person for 6x6 & 13-16 for 8x8.
Mobile Amphibious Assault Bridge (MAAB) configuration set to enter service with Turkish Army in 2012.
Maximium speed for PARS AWV is120km/hr.


In early 2007,Turkish Land Force ordered 52 units PARS AWV MAAB configuration. MAAB (Mobile Amphibious Assault Bridge) configuration was based on PARS 8x8 & suspension elements of PARS are used. Another 1,000 PARS AWV was ordered for Turkish Army.
Malaysian Army ordered 257 indigenous AV-8 (derivative version of PARS AWV 8x8 with modification to suit with Malaysia Army) that manufactured by DRB-Hicom Deftech, under license from FNSS Savunma Sistemleri of Turkey.

PARS 8x8 AWV Design

PARS 8x8 Armour Wheel Vehicle has hull consisting of steel armour. Driver & commando seated in cockpit at the front side of vehicle with single-piece roof hatch for each. The cockpit was fitted with flat-panel displays.
Troops seated on an individual seats down each side facing inwards & large ramp at rear section for troops entry & exit.
It's modular design incorporates external turret / weapon stations depend on user requirement. It can be fitted with 1 or 2 man turret / remotely operated weapon station.
Removable roofing will allow rapidly configuration for different operational roles.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

LIMA 2013 Langkawi: Photos for Aerospace

Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) 2013 was held from March 26 - March 30 2013. For exhibition products, Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre was the location of exhibition. For airshow, Langkawi International Airport was the venue. Star Cruise terminal at Porto Malai was the venue for maritime display.

Below is the photos for aerospace & maritime exhibition during LIMA 2013:


F/A-18F Super Hornet (US Navy)

                                                                  Extra-300 Krisakti

                                                               Super Puma (TNI-AU)

                                            Dassault Rafale (French Air Force) Aerial Display

                                                            Dassault Rafale landing

                                                           SU-30MKM aerial display

                                                                SU-30MKM landing

MiG-29N Smokey Bandits landing

                                                     C-17 Globemaster III (USAF Pacific)

                                          KT-1 Kwongbee Jupiter Aerobatic Team (TNI-AU)

                                                   Eurofighter Typhoon park after arriving

                                                  SAAB JAS-39C/D Gripen RTAF arriving

Eurofighter Typhoon Aerial Display

Jupiter Aerobatic Team Take-off

JAS-39C/D Aerial Display

F/A-18F Super Hornet Aerial Display

                                                           Eurofighter Typhoon landing

                                                          SU-27UB of Russian Knights

                                                              Scorpene Submarine

                                                        HTMS Phuket of Royal Thai Navy

                                                                       KD Jebat

                                                             IPTN CN-295 TNI-AU

                                                       AH-64D Longbow Apache RSAF

Friday, March 22, 2013

Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA): Aircraft Ever Exhibited

Below is the aircraft's that ever exhibited at LIMA aerospace section since it's inaugural LIMA 1991:

1. MiG-29 Fulcrum

1 MiG-29 Fulcrum from Russian Air Force / Mikoyan Bureau make it's first appearance during LIMA 91. At LIMA 1991, 1 MiG-29 Fulcrum from Russian Air Force was flown to Langkawi for aerial & static display. MiG-29 Fulcrum make it second appearance at LIMA 1993. 5 MiG-29 Fulcrum from Strizhi Aerobatic Team or better known as Swifts Aerobatic team exhibited in aerial and static display. RMAF MiG-29N start displayed beginning with LIMA 95 since it's inception into RMAF in 1995.

2. SU-27 Flanker

1 SU-27 of Russian Knights aerobatic team participated in aerial and static display during inaugural LIMA 1991. SU-27P Flanker was flown directly from Kubinka Air Base in Moscow to Langkawi to participated in LIMA 1991. During LIMA 1993, 2 Russian Knights SU-27 Flanker exhibited in aerial & static display. At LIMA 1995, 5 SU-27 Flanker of Russian Knights participated in aerobatic display. 3 of SU-27 crashed at Cam Ranh Airport on the way back from LIMA 95, killed the pilots.
During LIMA 99, 1 SU-27P Flanker from Test Pilot Aerobatic Team of Gromov Flight Research Institute exhibited in aerial display. Famous Russian test pilot, Anatoly Kvochur was piloted SU-27P of Test Pilot Team at LIMA 1999. Test Pilot team also participated in LIMA 2001.

3. F/A-18B Hornet / F/A-18D Hornet

1 F/A Hornet from Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF) make an aerial display for LIMA 1991. It flown from Butterworth Air Base for daily aerial display. 2 F/A-18B of RAAF exhibited for the second time during LIMA 1993.
F/A-18D Hornet of RMAF debut display was during LIMA 1997.

4. F-16C/D Falcon

F-16C/D from US Air Force Pacific Air Base start participated in LIMA Exhibition since it's inaugural in 1991. 2 F-16C/D exhibited during LIMA 1991 whereas 1 of the F-16C/D involved in aerial display. F-16C/D make second appearance at LIMA 1993 in aerial & static display. F-16C/D from USAF also exhibited in LIMA 1995, LIMA 1997, LIMA 1999, LIMA 2001, LIMA 2003 & LIMA 2005.
Beginning LIMA 2009, F-16C/D Block 52 of Republic of Singapore Air Force start participating for LIMA, followed LIMA 2011 & LIMA 2013.

5. F-15C/D Eagle

F-15C/D Eagle begun participate in LIMA exhibition since LIMA 1991 in static display. It also displayed for LIMA 1993, LIMA 1995, LIMA 1997, LIMA 1999, LIMA 2001 & LIMA 2003.

6. Antonov AN-124 Ruslan

Antonov AN-124 Ruslan begin participated in LIMA exhibition since inaugural LIMA 1991. Followed with LIMA 1993 where it was used to transport 5 MiG-29 Fulcrum of Strizhi / Swift Aerobatic Team. It also reappeared for LIMA 1995, LIMA 1997, LIMA 1999 & LIMA 2003.

7. Ilyushin IL-76

Ilyushin IL-76 cargo aircraft began exhibited since LIMA 1991. This aircraft reappeared for LIMA 1993, LIMA 1995, LIMA 1997, LIMA 1999, LIMA 2001 (transport MiG-29M2), LIMA 2003 & LIMA 2005 (transport YAK-130M).

8. Mi-17 medium-lift transport helicopter

Mi-17 first exhibited at LIMA 1991. When Malaysia fire & rescue department acquired Mi-17, it start appeared for LIMA 97 until LIMA 2013.
Mi-171 medium-lift military helicopter from Kazan was exhibited at LIMA 1999.

9. Ka-27 Helix Naval Helicopter

Ka-27 Helix naval helicopter exhibited at LIMA 1991. 1 unit Ka-27 Helix from Russian Navy was exhibited during LIMA 1991.

10. Mirage 2000-5 (Dassault Aviation) - French Air Force

Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets displayed at LIMA 1993 for aerial & static display. 2 Mirage 2000-5 of French Air Force participated during LIMA 1993.

11. MiG-31 Foxhound (Russian Air Force)

MiG-31 Foxhound exhibited during LIMA 1993 in static display. 1 MiG-31 Foxhound participate at LIMA 1993.

12. A4-Super Skyhawk (RSAF)

A4-Super Skyhawk of Republic of Singapore Air Force first displayed at LIMA 1991. Followed by LIMA 1993. At both LIMA, A4-Super Skyhawk participated in static display.

13. CSH-Rooivalk Attack Helicopter (Denel South Africa)

Rooivalk attack helicopter from Denel South Africa first displayed at LIMA 1993. It also exhibited at LIMA 1995, LIMA 1997, LIMA 1999 & LIMA 2001 & LIMA 2003. It participated in aerial & static display.

14. Kamov Ka-50 Hockum Attack Helicopter (Russian)

Kamov Ka-50 Hockum attack helicopter displayed at LIMA 1993 & LIMA 1995. It was exhibited in aerial & static display.

15. Hawk 200 Light Fighter Aircraft (BAE System)

Hawk 200 exhibited during LIMA 1993 in aerial & static display. Beginning LIMA 1995, RMAF Hawk 108 / 208 begun exhibited in LIMA series.

16. A4-Skyhawk Fighter Jet (RMAF)

A4-Skyhawk (RMAF) participated at LIMA 1991. 4 RMAF A4-Skyhawk exhibited in aerial displays. Its make second appearance during LIMA 1993.

17. F-5E/F RMAF

F-5E/F light fighter jet start exhibited during LIMA 1991. It appear in all LIMA series.

18. C-5 Galaxy Heavy Cargo Aircraft  

C-5 Galaxy heavy-lift transport aircraft of US Air Force participated in LIMA 1995. It used to transport Chinook helicopter, Apache helicopter and others equipment for LIMA 95. It also displayed in static display.

19. AH-64D Longbow Apache Attack Helicopter (Boeing)

AH-64D Longbow Apache first displayed at LIMA 1995. 1 AH-64D Apache exhibited in static displayed.
Beginning LIMA 2009, 1 RSAF AH-64D Longbow Apache participated in aerial & static display. RSAF AH-64D Apache also displayed during LIMA 2013 in static display.

20. CH-47 Chinook (Boeing)

Boeing CH-47 Chinook tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter first displayed during LIMA 1995 in static display.

21. Atlas Oryx Medium-lift Utility Helicopter

Atlas Oryx medium-lift utility helicopter from Denel Aviation first displayed during LIMA 95 in static & aerial display. It also displayed at LIMA 1997 & LIMA 1999. Oryx helicopter is a derivative of Super Puma.

22. Mi-26 Halo Heavy-lift transport helicopter

Mil Mi-26 Halo Heavy transport helicopter was displayed at LIMA 1995 in static & aerial display. Mi-26 was the largest & the most powerful transport helicopter in the world.

23. Bombardier CL-415 Supercsooper amphibious aircraft

CL-415 SuperScooper amphibious aircraft from Bombardier exhibitedat LIMA 1995 in static & aerial display.
At LIMA 2009, 2 CL-415 from Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency exhibited in aerial & static display. It also displayed during LIMA 2013.

24. Westland Super Lynx

Super Lynx multi purpose military helicopter exhibited at LIMA 1993 & LIMA 1995 & LIMA 1997. At LIMA 99 Super Lynx Mk.100 of Royal Malaysian Navy began to exhibited at LIMA series.

25. Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite (US Navy)

Kaman SH-2G Seasprite ship-based helicopter from US Navy was exhibited during LIMA 1991 in aerial & static display.

26. Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk (US Navy)

Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk multi-mission naval helicopter was exhibited at LIMA 1991 in aerial & static display.
Sikorsky SH-70B of Republic of Singapore Navy was exhibited in static display during LIMA 2011.

27. Red Arrows (RAF) - Hawk T1

Red Arrows aerobatic display team from Royal Air Force was participated for the first time at LIMA 1993. It involved in aerobatic aerial display performance. Red Arrows also participated at LIMA 1995, LIMA 1997, LIMA 1999, LIMA 2003 & LIMA 2007.

28.Roullette Aerobatic Team (RAAF) - PC-9

Roullette Aerobatic Team from Royal Australia Air Force using PC-9 trainer aircraft begun to exhibited during LIMA 1995. Roullette also exhibited at LIMA 97 & LIMA 1999.

29. Taming Sari Aerobatic Team (RMAF) - PC-7 Mk1

Taming Sari Aerobatic Team from Royal Malaysian Air Force was exhibited for the first time during LIMA 1991. It return for LIMA 1993.

30. Mil Mi-8 Hip medium lift military transport helicopter

Mi-8 Hip medium lift military helicopter from Ulan Ude plant was exhibited in aerial & static display at LIMA 1999.

31. Kaman K-Max Helicopter

Kaman K-Max helicopter exhibited at LIMA 1993 in aerial & static displayed.

32. SU-30MK


1 SU-30MK early version was exhibited during LIMA 1999 in aerial & static display. At LIMA 2001 & LIMA 2003 1 SU-30MK export version with Thrust Vectoring Control jet engines & technology from SU-35 / SU-37 was exhibited in aerial & static displayed. Malaysia finally chosed 18 SU-30MKM for its latest fighter jets.
At LIMA 1999, 1 SU-30KI also exhibited in aerial & static displayed.

33. SU-25 Frofoot

SU-25 Frogfoot close air support aircraft was exhibited in aerial & static displayed at LIMA 1999.

34. C-27J Spartan

Alenia C-27J Spartan medium-sized military transport helicopter was exhibited at LIMA 1999 in aerial & static display.

35. Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet (USN)

2 F/A-18F Super Hornet from US Navy was participated at LIMA 2001 & LIMA 2003 in aerial & static display. It's also back at LIMA 2011 & LIMA 2013 in aerial & static display.

36. P-3C Orion Anti-submarine & maritime surveillance aircraft (US Marine)

1 P-3C Orion anti-submarine & maritime patrol/surveillance aircraft participated at LIMA 1995, LIMA 1997, LIMA 1999, LIMA 2001, LIMA 2003, LIMA 2005, LIMA 2007, LIMA 2009, LIMA 2011 & LIMA 2013.

37. F-111C Advaark Interdictor & Tactical Strike Aircraft (RAAF)

1 of RAAF F-111C Advaark Interdictor / Tactical Strike fighter jet participated in LIMA 2001, LIMA 2003 & LIMA 2005 in static display. At LIMA 2007 & LIMA 2009 F-111C Advaark involved in aerial & static display. It's famous display of dumb & burn attracted many visitors at LIMA airshow.

38. Yakovlev YAK-130 Mitten Advanced Jet Trainer / Light Attack Aircraft

1 YAK-130 Advanced Jet Trainer / Light Attack Aircraft was participated at LIMA 2005 in aerial & static display.

39. Beriev Be-200 Multipurpose Amphibious Aircraft

Beriev Be-200 Multipurpose Amphibious Aircraft first exhibited at LIMA 1999 in aerial & static display. It also appeared at LIMA 2001 & LIMA 2003.

40. Embraer EMB-145SA / R99A AEW&C Aircraft

Embraer EMB-145 / R99A AEW & C aircraft was displayed at LIMA 2005 in static display. 1 EMB-145 AEW&C of Brazil Air Force participated at LIMA 2005.

41. Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team (SKAT) - India Air Force

9 HJT-16 Kiran of Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team from India Air Force was displayed at LIMA 2007 in aerobatic aerial display.

42. Aermacchi MB-339C/D Advanced Jet Trainer

Aermacchi MB-339C/D advance jet trainer was exhibited during LIMA 2005 in aerial & static display. Beginning 2009, Aermacchi MB-339CM of RMAF start exhibited at LIMA.

43. KC-135R Stratotanker Tanker

 KC-135R Stratotanker air tanker aircraft was participated at LIMA 1991, LIMA 1993, LIMA 1995, LIMA 1997, LIMA 1999, LIMA 2001 & LIMA 2003. It main task was to accommodate USAF fighter jets that participate at LIMA.

44. Dassault Aviation Rafale

Dassault Rafale firstly exhibited at LIMA 2011 in static & aerial display. Rafale also exhibited during LIMA 2013.

45. Eurofighter Typhoon (Royal Air Force)

Eurofighter Typhoon first appearance at LIMA was during LIMA 2011. 1 unit Eurofighter Typhoon from Royal Air Force participate in aerial display during LIMA 2011. The Typhoon was based at Royal Malaysian Air Force Base at Butterworth and fly daily from Butterworth for daily aerial display. BAE test pilot, Nat Makepeace piloting Typhoon during aerial display.
At LIMA 2013, 2 Eurofighter Typhoon was exhibited in aerial and static display. Royal Air Force pilot, Flt Lt Jamie Norris piloting Eurofighter Typhoon during aerial display.

46. Saab JAS-39 C/D Gripen (Royal Thai Air Force)

During LIMA 2011, 2 newly acquired JAS-39 C/D from Royal Thai Air Force make its first appearance at LIMA airshow in static display. It second appearance at LIMA 2013 where JAS-39 C/D Gripen from Royal Thai Air Force involved in aerial & static display.

47. Eurocopter Tiger HAD Attack Helicopter

Eurocopter Tiger HAD attack helicopter first appearance at LIMA airshow was in LIMA 2007. 1 unit Tiger HAD attack helicopter from Royal Australia Army was display at LIMA 2007. It was display in aerial & static display. 
At LIMA 2011, 1 unit Tiger HAD from Eurocopter, France was exhibited in aerial & static display.

48. EC 725 Caracal / Cougar

At LIMA 2007, 1 unit EC-725 Caracal from French Air Force was participate in aerial & static display. EC-725 Caracal of French Air Force was fly from French Army Division at Afghanistan for Malaysian Armed Force Nuri replacement review.

During LIMA 2013, 2 newly acquired EC-725 Cougar of Royal Malaysian Air Force make its first appearance.