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AV-8 (8 x 8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles) - Malaysian Army


AV-8 is 8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles / Armoured Personnel Carrier that was choose for Malaysian Army. In 2011, a contract for 257 units of AV-8 was awarded to DRB-Hicom Deftech by the government of Malaysia. FNSS Savunma Sistemleri AS (Turkey) was the main contractor to assist Deftech in design, development & manufacture Deftech AV-8 for Malaysian Army.

FNSS Savunma Sistemleri AS is a joint venture between BAE System Inc. (UK) & Nurol Holding (Turkey).

AV-8 (8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles) Configuration

AV-8 & its 12 variant is Malaysia first indigenous family of 8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles after the transfer of advanced defence technologies and pattern to Deftech. Deftech will own it first Intelectual Property (IP) rights on AV-8 systems & sub-systems.

12 variants of AV-8 was planned on based vehicles like armoured personnel carrier, anti-tank weapon carrier, command & control and anti-aircraft weapon vehicles for the period of 7 years.

AV-8 will be equipped with 2-manned turret developed & produced by Denel South Africa. Sapura Thales electronics Sdn Bhd was responsible for electronics system integrator.

AV-8 was based on PARS 8x8 Armoured Wheeled Vehicles of Turkey Variants.

PARS 8x8 Wheeled Armoured Combat Vehicles, Turkey Variant

PARS 8x8 Wheeled Armoured Vehicles is a new generation amphibious armoured combat vehicle. PARS 8x8 was designed & manufactured by FNSS Savunma Sistemleri (FNSS) of Turkey for Turkish Armed Forces & international markets.

PARS 8x8 designed was emphasis on area of mobility, protection, payload & growth potential. It also employ latest design & technology from commercial auto industries to suit with military operational requirements for performance & durability.
PARS design was based on design made by Michigan based General Purpose Vehicle Company.


PARS Armoured Wheeled Vehicle was based on system of 6x6, 8x8 & 10x10 vehicles with significant commonality sub-system for each vehicles to reduce logistic & lifecycle costs.
There is 2 different configuration of PARS, PARS 6x6 & PARS 8x8. PARS AWV was easily transported using Hercules C-130 Hercules (PARS 6x6), A400M, C-17 Globemater III & C5 Galaxy.

PARS AWV accomodate 2 crew members (driver & commander) seated in front section of cockpit which control the vehicle and 8 to 11 person for 6x6 & 13-16 for 8x8.
Mobile Amphibious Assault Bridge (MAAB) configuration set to enter service with Turkish Army in 2012.
Maximium speed for PARS AWV is120km/hr.


In early 2007,Turkish Land Force ordered 52 units PARS AWV MAAB configuration. MAAB (Mobile Amphibious Assault Bridge) configuration was based on PARS 8x8 & suspension elements of PARS are used. Another 1,000 PARS AWV was ordered for Turkish Army.
Malaysian Army ordered 257 indigenous AV-8 (derivative version of PARS AWV 8x8 with modification to suit with Malaysia Army) that manufactured by DRB-Hicom Deftech, under license from FNSS Savunma Sistemleri of Turkey.

PARS 8x8 AWV Design

PARS 8x8 Armour Wheel Vehicle has hull consisting of steel armour. Driver & commando seated in cockpit at the front side of vehicle with single-piece roof hatch for each. The cockpit was fitted with flat-panel displays.
Troops seated on an individual seats down each side facing inwards & large ramp at rear section for troops entry & exit.
It's modular design incorporates external turret / weapon stations depend on user requirement. It can be fitted with 1 or 2 man turret / remotely operated weapon station.
Removable roofing will allow rapidly configuration for different operational roles.


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