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Sukhoi SU-30 Fighter Jet Series

Sukhoi SU-30 fighter jets was derivative of SU-27 long-range fighter jet. It was based on SU-27PU jet. SU-30 had many variants like SU-30, SU-30 I, SU-30K, SU-30 KI, SU-30 KN, SU-30 M, SU-30MK (which later variants like SU-30 MKK, SU-30 MKI/MKM/MKA, SU-30MK2, SU-30 MKV etc.).

Main role of SU-30 fighter jets is as interceptor, airborne command, multi-role fighter for air superiority & ground / surface attacks. SU-30 series designed by Sukhoi and manufactured by Komsomolsk-on-Amur-Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO), Irkut Aircraft Production Association (IAPO) & HAL (licensed production of SU-30MKI).

Operators for SU-30 fighter jets are Russia, Algeria, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Venezuela & Vietnam.


2-seat interceptor & airborne command post fighter aircraft.  Developed from SU-27PU in the late 1980's. 2-seat SU-27UB combat trainer was the basis for this variant. It was fitted with in-flight refueling probe to increase the aircraft range. Other modifications is avionics changed, fitting special communications & guidance equipment to command flights formation. Large CRT display was fitted for rear cockpit. Navigation  & fly-by-wire system also upgraded. Series production for SU-30 started in 1991.



In 1993, Sukhoi converted SU-30 Interceptor into demonstrator aircraft known as SU-30MK multi-role for export version. MK stand for 'Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy (modified commercial) which indicating new version developed for export. Improvement for SU-30MK including upgraded multi-role fire control system, air-to-ground capability to enhanced multi-role mission. Large variety of new guided missiles, guided & unguided bombs was added to armament options.
In air-to-air role, new R-77 (RVV-AE) medium-range active radar homing missile was added as options.

SU-30 K

First prototype (SU-30 I) flown in 1997. The second prototype was flown in 1998. The first batch of SU-30's for India Air Force delivered in 1997 (18 SU-30 K).

SU-30KI Multi-role single-seat 

KnAAPO started developed upgraded version of SU-27SK in 1995 which later known as SU-27MK. Upgrading included improved range & combat effectiveness for multi-role configuration. The first single-seat SU-30KI flown in 1998 which fitted with in-flight re-fueling probe, Satnav receiver, ILS / VOR navigation & landing system & integrated with RVV-AE (R-77) Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missiles.
Next phased of upgrading including advanced avionics, computers, phased array & weapons. It was painted in grey-black-blue and displayed at MAKS 1999 & LIMA 1999.

SU-30KN (Irkutsk)


Developed from SU-27UB 2-seat fighter.SU-30K was upgraded and known as SU-30KN. The first upgraded enables aircraft to operated guided Air-to-Surface & bombs with additional new mission computer, upgrading N001 radar & weapon control system.
The cockpit was equipped with Multi-Function Display and equipped with R-77 (RVV-AE) missile. The upgrading works can enhanced air-to-air capability by convert to phase array antenna.

SU-30MKK (China Multi-role Twin-seater - KnAAPO)

Developed for China configuration by KnAAPO. Equipped with modern multi-function displays & in-flight re-fueling system. Fitted with larger fin based on SU-35 design. New N001VE radar was compatible RVV-AE missile. SU-30MKK can carry a wide range of air-to-air & air-to-surface missiles on 12 hard points. Aircraft weight increased to 38,000 kg by air frame & landing gear strengthening.
In 1999 Sukhoi converted T10PU-5 into first prototype of SU-30MKK.
Indonesia also acquired SU-30MKK version.


Upgraded version of SU-30MKK featuring upgraded communication suite, radar, protection suite etc.

SU-30MKI Multi-role Twin-seater Flankers

India become the first customer of SU-30MK multi-role which later developed into SU-30MKI. SU-30MKI differs substantially from SU-30MK with installation of Saturn AL-31FP thrust vectoring control nozzles engines which able to vector up to 15 degrees (in 2 dimensional) vertical & lateral direction.
New radar NIIP N011 BARS multi-mode phased array radar (previously installed on SU-35/37 prototypes).
IRST (Infra-red Search & Track) system was replaced with an updated version known as OLS-30 (Optic-location System). Head-Up Display (HUD) & navigation system replaced with Sextant Avionics (French).

TV-guided Kh-59M missiles, sub-sonic Kh-31A / AS-17 Krypton multi-role missile. In air-to-air mission with new radar, it can simultaneously attack 4 aerial targets. 

SU-30MKM (Malaysia)

SU-30MKM multi-role Flanker was a variant based on SU-30MKI, tailored to meet Malaysia requirement with regard to it's avionics suite. Israel produced ECM was replaced with Russian & South African systems.
2 SU-30MKI pre-production aircraft served as prototypes for MKM. SU-30MKM was manufactured in Irkutsk and arriving in Malaysia on June 2007.

SU-30MKA (Algeria)

SU-30MKA was based on SU-30MKM/MKI variant featured French avionics including Damocles laser designation & targeting pod.


The latest variant of SU-30MKI/MKM for Russian Air Force. It will be equipped with new radar & new Russian avionics.

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