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Sukhoi SU-32/34 Fullback Fighter/Bomber

Sukhoi SU-32/34 frontline fighter-bomber is designed based on the platform of dual-seat Sukhoi SU-27UB. It was designed by Sukhoi and manufactured by Novosibirk Aircraft Production Association (NAPO). It's dual-seat configuration is side-by-side cockpit configuration including pilot rest room & toilet.

SU-34 can deliver high precision strike on heavily defended air, ground & naval targets (including small & mobile targets) on solo & group missions in any weather conditions, day or night & reconnaissance task. It can category in 4th Generation fighter-bomber aircraft by it's combat capabilities.
Active security system and modern computers allow the pilot / commander & navigator / operator of weapons to deliver precision strikes on targets & make maneuvers under hostile fire situation.

Main Distinctive Features of SU-34:

  • Large ordnance load & a broad line-up of guided air-launched weapons.
  • High load capabilities due to it designed of reinforced the frame & landing gear and increase fuel tank.
  • Effective digitally controlled twin afterburning turbojet engines.
  • In-flight re-fueling capability.
  • Advanced avionics line-up including multi-purpose PAA radar, on-board optical search & track station & integrated defensive aid suite.
  • It can engage long range combat missions close to ranges of medium strategic bombers.

Development / Early Designed of SU-32/34 Fighter/Bomber

Production of 2-seat fighter-bomber version of SU-27 officially begin in 1986. New fighter-bomber was manufactured known as T-10V. It design is side-by-side pilot seating. The first prototype known as T-10V-1 is built on the platform of SU-27UB.First test flight of T-10V-1 was in 1990 by Sukhoi Design Bureau test pilot. The first pre-production of T-10V is built & makes it's first test flight. It was reportedly adopted the SU-35 wing with additional stations, enlarged intenal fuel tanks for longer range, enlarged spine & lengthened tail straight.

It was later renamed SU-32. It first time shown abroad was at 1995 Paris Airshow. In June 2008, Sukhoi started full-scale production of SU-34 Fullback Fighter-Bomber.

Combat Characteristic of SU-34 Fullback fighter-bomber:

  • Long range attack / bomber mission 
  • Ability to re-fuel in the air and can act as buddy-buddy tanker with additional tank under wings
  • Comfortable cabin with rest room & toilet.
SU-34 Fullback was envisaged succescor of SU-24 Fencer (F-111 analogue version of Russian). It's mission is to deliver sufficiently large ordnance load to pre-determined area, hit the target accurately and take evasive action again pursuing enemy fighter aircrafts. It also able to handle enemy fighters in combat if require. It can match up well against any American teen fighters (F-16 C/D, F/A-18 Hornet/Super Hornet, F-15E).

Main Characteristic of SU-32/34 Fullback:

  • 45.1 tonnes maximum take-off weight
  • 8 tonne ordnance load on 10 hardpoints (can accommodate precision guided weapons; air-air missiles like R-73/AA-11 Archer / R-77 (AA-12 Adder "Amraamski"
  • Armed with a 30mm Gsh-301 gun & 180 rounds 
  • Powered by AL-31FM1 engines built by Salyut Company which can generate thrust up to 13.5 metric tonnes (over 29,000 lbs) and have 1,000 hours service life in between repairs. More powerful AL-41 engines may fit in future
  • It maximum speed of mach 1.8 at altitude
  • Maximum range of 3,000km with standard drop tanks. It maximum range can extend to over 4,000km with additional drop tanks. Fitted with in-flight re-fueling probe for mid-air refueling. Typical gound attack flight operation will shorter the range around 600km on internal fuel & 1,500km with external fuel tanks
  • Can fly in TERCOM (Terrain Contour Matching) modes for low-level flight & relies on software to execute other difficult maneuvers. It front horizontal empennage behind the cockpit designed to handle air pockets found in low altitude high speed flight
  • A 17mm armoured cockpit for pilot & co-pilot protection
  • 2 parallel K-36DM ejector seats that can be activated at any speed & altitude
  • Fitted with Leninets B004 phased array multi-mode X-band radar that can interleaves terrain- following radar and other modes similar to AN/APQ-164 phased array radar for B-1B Stealth bomber. It can detect at a range of 200-250km against large surface target; ground mapping capability of 75-150km & GMTI moving target tracking of 30km. Detection performance against fighter sized aerial targets are 90km.
Jamming variant of SU-32/34 Fullback with L175V/KS418 high power jamming pod still in developement progress.

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  1. One of the major air force in the world in Russian air force.Day to day the Russian armed forces very powerful when it comes to aviation.Recently new fullback fighter bomber Su-34 is entered into the Russian air-force to replace Su-24.It is armed with a 30mm Gsh-301 gun and 180 round of ammunition.It is able to carry nearly 12,100 kg of fuel.