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HAWK 100

Hawk 100 aircraft original design is as a trainer jet with weapon training capability. Hawk 100 jet trainer also can be used as light attack aircraft.
During early staged of design, BAE System developed experimental project known as EGA (Enhanced Ground Attack) Hawk that feature avionics & weapons integrated based on F-16 Falcon. EGA Hawk design later known as Hawk 100.

Main features of Hawk 100 is:

  • Twin-seat version
  • More powerful new engine Rolls Royce Adour 871 jet engine
  • Extended 'chisel' nose to accommodate laser range finder (Ferranti) & FLIR imager (Marconi)
  • Avionics & Electronic Warfare System (EWS) - Radar Warning Receivier (RWR), chaff & flare dispenser, advance navigation && attack system (radar altimeter & low level strike capability, databus - MIL-STD-155 3B). RWR will integrate with chaff & flared dispenser in manual & auto mode as protection suite.
  • New cockpit design (Multi-Function Display MFD), Head-up Display (HUD), HOTAS controls & night vision goggles.
  • 6 external hard points (2 wingtips sidewinder launch rails, 4 wing pylons). The wing pylons can fix with twin store rack. Total weapon load for Hawk 100 is 3,000kg including 9 250kg bombs.
  • Wide range of weapons / munitions like Air-Air Missiles (AIM-9 ASRAAM / Medium range AIM-120 AMRAAM @ Skyflash); Air-Ground / Surface Missiles (Maverick); Anti-ship missiles (Sea Eagle); Sting Ray (Marconi) Homing torpedo; Paveway II guided bomb etc.
  • Taller vertical tail plane.

HAWK 200

Hawk 100 demonstrator flew for the first time in 1987. It design much more as light fighter jet & trainer. BAE System than considering a new light fighter aircraft based on Hawk 100. The new aircraft later known as Hawk 200 light attack aircraft.
The first Hawk 200 demonstrator flew for the first time in 1986 (earlier than Hawk 100). The Hawk 200 demonstrator lost due to accident / crash during demonstration a few months later.

Hawk 200 used Rolls Royce Adour 871 jet engine, combat wing & other kits / cockpit layout similar to Hawk 100. It was designed for single-seat configuration which saw new fuselage from cockpit on-ward. I can fix with in-flight refueling probe for in-flight refueling (HAWK 200 for RMAF fixed with re-fueling probe).

Northop Grumman APG-66H pulse-doppler X-band multimode radar with 10 air-air modes & 10 air-surface modes based on APG-66 use in F-16 A/B.
30mm Aden cannon was built into the nose of Hawk 200.

Hawk 200 range without drop tanks is 2,428 km. If fitted with 3 drop tanks (864 litre) it ferry range is 3610 km. It combat radius is 1,234 km. It can be fix with reconnaissance pod.


Hawk LIFT design was based on Hawk 127 AJT for Australia. Hawk 127 AJT is advance variant of Hawk 100 jet trainer. It features cockpit that compatible with F/A-18 Hornet.
Hawk LIFT designed to provide training for new generation combat aircraft like Eurofighter Typhoon, JAS-39 Gripen etc. that features an improved cockpit & avionics. The cockpit design included 3 unit colour flat-panel MFD, HOTAS controls & HUD.

Cockpit design is modular to suite with customer requirements. It also features a GPS/INS navigation system, new APU (AlliedSignal), an airframe Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), two mission computers & an optional in-flight re-fueling probe.

New Rolls Royce Adour 900 could be fitted with Hawk LIFT. Adour 900 designed has same thrust capacity with Adour 871 with additional FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) & improve engine lifetime by twice. South Africa become the first export customer for Hawk LIFT.


UAE is the first customer for the new Hawk 100's & 200's. In 1990 UAE ordered 18 Hawk 102's with delivery in 1993. Oman placing an order of 4 Hawk 103's & 12 Hawk 203's which delivered in 1993.

Malaysia ordered 10 Hawk 108's & 18 Hawk 208's in late 1990. The aircraft delivered from 1993 till 1995. Hawk208's were the first Hawk 200's series sold with in-flight re-fueling probe.

In 1993 Indonesia ordered 8 Hawk 109's & 16 Hawk 209's with an option for 16 more Hwak 209's which was exercised later. All Hawk 109's & 209's jet complete delivered by 1998.

In 1993, Australia choosed Hawk 127 for their advance jet trainer (AJT). Australia ordered 33 Hawk 127's. First 12 units delivered in flying condition from UK. The rest assembled in Australia. Deliveries completed in 2001 & 2002. During tender competition, Hawk 127 out-bid McDonnel Douglas T-45 Goshawk.

In 2004, India order 66 Hawk 115 (AJT).

                                                                        HAWK 200

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