Friday, December 16, 2011

LIMA 2011 - Aerial Photo

1. Dassault Aviation Rafale from French Air Force
2 Dassault Rafale participate at LIMA 2011 Airshow. 1 involve in aerial display daily. 1 unit act as standby. Dassault Rafale test pilot perform Rafale on daily aerial display. Dassault Rafale supported by A310 MRTT for refueling on the way to Langkawi from UAE French Air Base.
Below is Rafale photo during aerial display:

2. EADS / BAE System Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche II from RAF
2 Eurofighter Typhoon involve for LIMA 11 aerial show display. 1 Typhoon perform daily aerial display from RMAF Air Base Butterworth. Another Typhoon act as standby.
4 RAF Eurofighter Typhoon arrive at Butterworth Air Base on October for FPDA Exercise Bersama LIMA 11.
2 Typhoon remain at Butterworth Air Base for LIMA 2011 participation. Another 2 Typhoon involve in Dubai Air Show in November 2011.
Typhoon was piloted by BAE System Typhoon Test Pilot Nat Makepeace for daily aerial display. During aerial display Typhoon perform rolling, agility, 9G turning etc.
Below is the photo of Typhoon during aerial display at LIMA 2011:

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