Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Indonesia (TNI - AL) Acquire 3 unis Submarine from South Korea

Current news report indicate Indonesia Navy will purchase 3 units new submarine from South Korea. It also reported that Daewoo arine Engineering from South Korea will responsible for manufacturing of new submarines for Indonesia Navy.

No details of new submarine was indicate in the news report. As we know, South Korea didn't have it's own design / model of submarine. It was possible for South Korea to supply the Indonesian Navy with Type 214 Diesel-electric Submarine or it's subclasses, Tridente-class submarine. Both submarine was developed HDW (Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft) of Germany.

The Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering may build the submarines for Indonesia under license from HDW base on South Korea own Type 214 - Son Won-Il class that was build by Hyundai Heavy Industries & Daewoo Shipbuilding base on HDW Type 214 design.

Type 214 Diesel-electric submarine:

Builder - HDW Germany
Propulsion - Diesel propulsion with AIP (Air Independent Propulsion)
South Korea Navy designated - Song Won-Il class
Dive - 400 meter
Days of Operation - 84 days

Displacement - 1,690 ton (surface) / 1,860 ton (submerge)
Length - 65 meter ; Beam - 6.3 meter; Draught - 6 meter
Speed - 12 knots (surface) / 20 knots (submerge)
Range - 780km @ 8 knots speed / 2,311km @ 4 knots speed (submerge)
Crew - 27
Armament - 8 x 533mm torpedo tubes, 4 x subharpoon

Reference: News report, Wikipedia etc.

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