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LIMA 2013: Expected Aircraft to be Exhibit at LIMA 2013

Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) 2013 is the 12th edition of LIMA exhibition series. For LIMA 2013 edition, many aircraft expected to be exhibit from March 26 - March 30. Below is the list of aircrafts expected to be exhibit during LIMA 2013:

1. Sukhoi SU-30MKM

3 units of Sukhoi SU-30MKM (Royal Malaysian Air Force) from Gong Kedak air base will be exhibit for LIMA 2013. 2 SU-30MKM will be on aerial display & the other 2 for static display. SU-30MKM was the main attraction during previous LIMA series (LIMA 07, LIMA 09 & LIMA 11) & the same attention is expected for LIMA 2013.
Notes: 3 SU-30MKM already landing at Langkawi Airport on March 22 2013.

2. MiG-29N 'Smokey Bandits'

7 MiG-29N Smokey Bandits from Royal Malaysian Air Force, Kuantan Air Base will be exhibit during LIMA 2013. 5 MiG-29N will participate in daily aerial display. It's one of the main attraction during LIMA exhibition since it's inception at LIMA 95.
Notes: 5 MiG-29N landing at Langkawi Airport on March 22 2013.

3. Extra-300L Kris Sakti (Aerotree)

5 Extra-300L aircraft from Kris Sakti aerobatic team will involve in daily aerobatic display during LIMA 2013.
Notes: Arrive on March 22.

4. Dassault Rafale (French Air Force)

2 Dassault Rafale Omnirole Combat Aircraft from Dassault firm will be exhibit during LIMA 2013. 1 unit of Dassault Rafale will be participate in aerial display. Rafale is one of the best proven multirole combat aircraft in operation in the world. Rafale also a contender for Malaysia new Multirole Combat Aircraft. Rafale was exhibited for the first time during LIMA 2011.
Notes: 2 Rafale landing on Langkawi Airport on March 21.

5. Eurofighter Typhoon (RAF)

At least 2 Eurofighter Typhoon from Royal Air Force expected to participate at LIMA 2013. 1 of the Typhoon will involve in daily aerial display. For LIMA 2013 aerial display, Typhoon will be manned by Flight Lt. Jamie Norris from RAF. Eurofighter Typhoon can be category as one of the best air superiority fighter aircraft with land / surface attack capability. Eurofighter Typhoon is one of the contender for new MRCA for RMAF (Royal Malaysia Air Force).

6. F/A-18F Super Hornet (US Navy)

2 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter / attack from US Navy expected to be exhibit during LIMA 2013. 1 aircraft will involve in aerial display. Super Hornet already exhibited in LIMA exhibition previously (LIMA 2001, LIMA 2003 & LIMA 2011). Super Hornet normally piloted by famous Boeing test pilot, Ricardo Travern. Super Hornet is one of the main contender for Malaysia new MRCA.
Notes: 2 Super Hornet landing on March 21.

7. Saab JAS-39C/D Gripen (Royal Thai Air Force)

2 Saab JAS-39C/D Gripen light multirole fighter aircraft from Royal Thai Air Force will participate at LIMA 2013. 1 of the Gripen will participate in aerial display. Thailand acquired 12 JAS-39C/D in two phases. Gripen already participated in LIMA 2011 for static display. JAS-39E/F is one of the contender for Malaysia new MRCA.

8. Jupiter Aerobatic Team - KT-1B (TNI AU)

8 KT-1B aircraft from Jupiter Aerobatic Team from TNI AU will participate for the first time at LIMA 2013. 7 aircraft will involve in daily aerobatic display at LIMA 13. KT-1 is the basic training aircraft for TNI-AU. Indonesia purchased 12 KT-1 from KAI (Korean Aerospace Industries) in 2003 & 2005. KT-1 already exhibited during LIMA 2005 by KAI.
Notes: Landing at Langkawi Airpport on March 23.

9. C-17 Globemaster III (USAF Guam Pacific Air Base)

1 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III from USAF Pacific air base Guam will be exhibit during LIMA 2013. C-17 will perform daily aerial display at LIMA 2013. C-17 Globemaster III is a heavy-lift / strategic lift military transport aircraft from Boeing. C-17 Globemaster III make it first appearance during LIMA 2011.
Notes: C-17 landing at Langkawi airport on March 23.

10. Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Block 50 (USAF Guam Pacific Air Base)

2 F-16C/D Block 50 from USAF Pacific Air Base will participate at LIMA 2013. 1 of the F-16C/D will perform aerial display during LIMA 2013. Participation of this aircraft still not confirm yet.

11. Dornier 228-212 New Generation

1 Dornier 228-212 New Generation from RUAG will be exhibit in aerial display. Participation of this aircraft for LIMA 2013 still unclear.

12. Russian Knights Aerobatic Team - SU-27P & SU-27UB (Russian Air Force)

5 SU-27P & SU-27UB of Russian Knights aerobatic team will participate at LIMA 2013. All the aircraft will be perform aerobatic display during LIMA 2013. Russian Knights aerobatic team was formed for Russian Air Force top pilots. Russian Knights previously participated at LIMA 91 (1 aircraft), LIMA 93 (2 aircrafts) & LIMA 95 (5 aircrafts).
Notes: 5 SU-27 Russian Knights landing on March 22.

13. 5 Strizhi / Swifts Aerobatic Team - MiG-29 Fulcrum (Russian Air Force)

5 MiG-29 Fulcrum from Strizhi (Swift) Aerobatic Team will participate during LIMA 2013. All the aircraft will perform daily aerobatic display. Strizhi will also perform in combination with Russian Knights.

14. Sikorsky SH-60B Sea Hawk  Helicopter

1 unit of SH-60B Sea Hawk from US Navy will be exhibit in static display during LIMA 2013.

15. F-16D Block 52 (RSAF)

1 unit of F-16D Block 52 from Republic of Singapore Air Force will be exhibit in static display. F-16D Block 52 is a twin-seat variant of F-16 Block 52 & one of the latest version of F-16 except for F-16E/F Block 60.
Notes: Landing on March 21

16. AH-64D Longbow Apache Attack Helicopter (RSAF)

1 unit of AH-64D Apache attack helicopter from Republic of Singapore Air Force will be exhibit in static display. Singapore had 19 units of AH-64D Longbow Apache. RSAF Longbow Apache was exhibited during LIMA 2009. Previously at LIMA 95, 1 AH-64D from USAF was exhibited.
Landing at March 23.

17. AgustaWestland AW-149 Medium-lift Military Helicopter


1 unit of AW-149 medium-lift military helicopter from AgustaWestland will exhibit for static display during LIMA 2013.

18. AgustaWestland AW-189 medium-lift civil helicopter

AgustaWestland AW-189 is a derivative from AW-149 medium-lift military helicopter. AW-189 is a civil version. 1 unit of AW-189 from AgustaWestland firm will be exhibit in static display at LIMA 2013.

19. F/A-18D Hornet (RMAF)

A unit of F/A-18D Hornet from Royal Malaysian Air Force will participate in static display during LIMA 2013.

20. Hawk 108/208 (RMAF)

1 unit of Hawk 108/208 will be exhibit in static display during LIMA 2013. Hawk 108/208 was the export version for Malaysia. Hawk 208 from BAE System make it first appearance at LIMA 93 in static & aerial display. Since 1995 Hawk 108/208 from RMAF make it's first appearance at LIMA exhibition.

21. Aermacchi MB-339CM LIFT trainer jet (RMAF)

A unit of Aermacchi MB-339 LIFT jet trainer from Royal Malaysian Air Force will participate in static display during LIMA 2013. Aermacchi MB-339CM advance jet trainer for RMAF. RMAF operates 8 MB-339CM in 2009.

22. Eurocopter EC-725 Cougar (RMAF)

1 EC-725 Cougar from RMAF will be exhibited at LIMA 2013 in static display. Malaysia acquired 12 EC-725 Cougar from Eurocopter. EC-725 Cougar is a long range military tactical transport helicopter. During LIMA 2007, 1 EC-725 Caracal from France Air Force make it's first appearance in aerial display & static display.

23. CN-295 (PT Dirgantara)

1 CN-295 twin-tuboprop tactical military transport aircraft will make it's first appearance at LIMA 2013 in static display. CN-295 assembled by PT Dirgantara for Indonesia Air Force for tactical & logistical military transport aircraft. It's developed by EADS / CASA a joint development between EADS & CASA Spain. It's a further development of CN-235 military transport aircraft.

24. AgustaWestland AW-109S

AW-109S is the civil version of AW-109 series. Malaysian army already purchased A-109LUH. 

25. RAAF E-737 Wedgetail AEW & C

Boeing 737 Wedgetail from RAAF (Royal Australia Air Force) will be exhibit for the first time at LIMA 2013. 737 Wedgetail is an Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft base on Boeing 737 with some modification to put radar for AEW & C.

26.Bell 429 Light Twin-engine Helicopter (Bell / KAI)

Bell 429 light twin-engine helicopter from Bell / KAI (Korea) will be exhibit for the first time at LIMA 2013.

27. Bell 407 GX
407GX flies over city

Bell 407 armed version helicopter will be exhibit at LIMA 2013. It can be fitted with Universal Weapons Pylon similar with Bell OH-58 Kiowa.

28. Lockheed P-3C Orion

Lockheed P-3C Orion will be exhibit on static display. P-3C Orion is a turboprop anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft for United States Navy, Japan Navy, Australian Navy etc. P-3C Orion already exhibited in LIMA series (2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 & 2011).

29. Ilyushin IL 76 (Russian Air Force)

Ilyushin IL 76 is a four engine medium size strategic airlifter / tanker from Russia. For LIMA 2013, IL-76 will lead 5 SU-27 of Russian Knights for aerobatic performance at LIMA 2013. IL-76 is a regular aircraft for LIMA exhibition since it's inaugural in 1991.

30. Bombardier CL-415 Superscooper (Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency)

Bombardier CL-415 Superscooper from MMEA will be exhibit at LIMA 2013. CL-415 is an amphibious water bomber and maritime surveillance aircraft. Bombadier CL-415 make it's first appearance during LIMA 1995. At LIMA 2009 CL-415 from MMEA was exhibited for aerial & static display.

31. McDonnell Douglas KDC-10 Omega Tanker

KDC-10 Omega Tanker is a commercial refueling companies. For LIMA 2013 KDC-10 acted as air refueling aircraft for 2 F/A-18F Super Hornet of USN that will participate in LIMA 2013.

Possible aircraft to be exhibited at LIMA 2013

1. Sukhoi SU-34 Fullback

SU-34 Fullback is a twin-seat fighter/bomber from NAPO, Russia. Lately Russian aircraft firms widely promote it's fighter / bomber aircraft for world market. It make appearance during Zhuhai International Airshow 2012 in China.  

2. Mikoyan MiG-29M2 MRCA

MG-29M2 is an improved variant of MiG-29 Fulcrum. It was fitted with fly-by-wire system and multirole capability (air-to-air & air-to-ground / surface). MiG-29M2 was exhibited during LIMA 2001. Now Russian may try to offer Malaysia MiG-29M2 as MiG-29N replacement.

3. Sukhoi SU-35S

Single-seat Sukhoi SU-35S is an advanced variant of SU-30MKI/MKM. Russian Air Forrce currently acquire a numbers of SU-30S. Sukhoi / KnAAPO will try to market SU-35S for international markets currently.

4. EADS Tiger Attack Helicopter

Tiger HAP / HAD attack helicopter from EADS possibly be exhibit at LIMA 2013. Malaysia Armed Force expected to acquire a numbers of attack helicopter in the near term to fill the missing gap in Malaysia Armed Force.

5. Rooivalk Attack Helicopter

Rooivalk attack helicopter from Denel South Africa already operated by South Africa Army. Rooivalk already offer to Malaysia Armed Forces previously.

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