Thursday, December 6, 2012

AH-64D Longbow Apache Block III Attack Helicopter

During early staged, AH-64D Block I which cover block 2 to Block V. Lot VI of AH-64 D, included the mast compatible with dual-mode Hellfire II missile, updated self protection suites & better cockpit displays.
AH-64D Longbow Apache Lot VII till Lot X later built as AH-64D Block II Standard adds improved electronics and software to include the Longbow mast, compatible duel-mode Hellfire missile capability, color cockpit displays which include moving digital maps & more advance self-protection suites.

In early 2007 saw the latest conversion of AH-64D, later known as AH-64D Extended Block II Standard, which later known as AH-64D Block III.
AH-64D Block III system upgraded includes improved flight performance with Digital Electronics Control, upgraded drive system which increase helicopter power. The new composite rotor blades combine with upgraded engines will improve AH-64D Apache Block III cruise speed, climb rates and payload.

New avionics allow to fly in clouds & bad weather. Taiwan was the first foreign customer for AH-64D Block III.

Block III sensor performance was upgraded to extend it sensor range for air & land attack & can be pair with new long range weapons / missiles. Mast mounted radome for houses AN/APG-78 long bow fire control & radar for long range detection & attack. It's use millimiter-wave sensing which will improve radar performance under poor visible condition. The short wavelength with narrow beam-width is more resistant to electronic countermeasure when the radar guided a missile to their target.
The radar range for Block III is extended range from previous Block II.

At the same time, this radar has an option to use Unmanned-Aerial-System Tactical Command Data-Link Assembly (UTA) than mounted on the mast. The UTA can control the UAV flights, payloads, laser designators from inside helicopter. The UAV will streaming their sensor feedback to Apache Block III displays. It can helping Block III Apache to designated the targets & surveillance of the area where it going to target / attack.


Engine - T700-GE-701D engines
Sensor & targeting targets - Arrowhead modernised TADS / NNS sensor & targeting turrets
Missiles - Air-to-Air (Hellfire fire and forget light strike & Stinger anti-aircraft missile
Radar - AN/APG-78 millimiter wave radar guidance defensive system ((Fire Control Radar) & AN/APR-48A Radar Frequency Interferometers
Rockets - 70mm rockets
Avionics - Transponder, simulator, GPS / Initial Navigation System (INS) & communication equipment
Countermeasures - AN/ALQ-144 Av3 Infrared Jammers; AN/APR-39 Av4 Radar Signal Detection Set; AN/ALQ-136 v5 Common Missile Warning System
Gun / Cannon - 30mm Automatic gun  

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