Friday, September 21, 2012

MiG-29 N

MiG-29N is an export version of MiG-29 aircraft with Malaysia configuration. The MiG-29N was derivation of MiG-29SE export version from MiG-MAPO of Russia. Malaysia received MiG-29SE version without 'fatback' extended dorsal spine. In June 1994, Malaysian government had signed a contract with MiG-MAPO for 16 MiG-29N (single seat) & 2 MiG-29N UB (twin-seat / training). The contact valued around $600 million USD.
Delivery of MiG-29N began in July 1995.

MiG-29N powered by 2 x Isotov RD-33 Klimov jet engine. It can carry 3,200kg / 1136 US gallon with 1184 kg centreline tank & 2 x 1150 litre external wing tanks tank capacity. Maximum range for MiG-29N is 2,100km. The flight control, suspension & weapon system was upgraded from MiG-29S version. New reliability gearbox on engines & flight control roll limiter & rudder also enhanced for higher AOA (angle of attack) stability.
This aircraft equipped with retractable in-flight refueling probe for in-flight refueling.
To ease maintenance works, on-board diagnostic system was built-in in MiG-29N.

Radar system for MiG-29N is N019M/ME improved radar design with 10 targets track & 2 targets engagement simultaneously using BVR missiles. New active jammer linked to Radar Warning Receiver with western IFF (Identified Friend or Foe) system also installed on MiG-29N. GPS fitted for satellite navigation system

Infrared Search & Track System for laser targeting system was fixed in this aircraft.

Weapon System

MiG-29N is one of the earliest fighter aircraft using BVR missiles in South East Asia region. Malaysia request for the latest R-77 (RVV AE) better known as AMRAAMski in the western countries during the purchase of MiG-29N. 2 x R-77 can equipped MiG-29N at one time. Another medium range weapon it can carry are 2 x R-27 (AA-10 Alamo) Air-Air guided missile - R-27R1 & R-27E.
For short range Air-Air missile, it can carry 2 x R-73 (AA-11) missile for WVR mission.

Unguided bombs (250kg / 500kg) & unguided rocket (S-8 (80mm) & S-24 (240mm)) can use on land / surface attack mission.
GSh-301 30mm gun pre-installed with this jets.

6 - 7 under wing missile hard points can be increase to 8 hard points to carry missiles, rockets, bombs & tanks.

For aircraft protection, internal active electronics jamming system fixed for selfdefence against radar detection & heat seeking missile. Chaff & flare system also installed (manually operated) for protection purpose.

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